How Do You Make Bows With Curly Ribbon?

How Do You Make Bows With Curly Ribbon?

To make a bow with curly ribbon, cut 10 12-inch pieces of ribbon, press one piece between your thumb and one scissor blade, and pull the ribbon over the blade until it curls. Curl the rest of the ribbons, and tie them into a bow. This 10-minute procedure requires ribbon and scissors.

  1. Cut the ribbon strips

    Cut 10 12-inch pieces of thin ribbon. Use at least two colors if possible.

  2. Position the first ribbon strip

    Open the scissors, and carefully hold one of the blades with the sharp edge up. Hold the blade in your left hand. Pick up one ribbon strip, and lay it over the blade so that one end dangles down toward the floor. Press the other end between your left thumb and the scissor blade, leaving about 1/2 inch of ribbon exposed.

  3. Curl the ribbon

    Grasp the exposed ribbon tip with your right hand. Maintain the pressure with your left thumb, and pull the ribbon over the scissor blade. The blade must scrape the surface of the ribbon. If you want tighter curls, repeat the process.

  4. Make the rest of the curls

    Curl the rest of the ribbon strips using the same process.

  5. Tie the bow

    Take one piece of curled ribbon, and set it aside. Gather the other nine pieces into a bundle, and tie them together with the tenth piece. Your bow is now ready to use.