How Do You Make a Bow With Wired Ribbon?

How Do You Make a Bow With Wired Ribbon?

To make a bow with wired ribbon, snip the ribbon to the required length using a pair of scissors, cross the ribbon's ends, and make a knot at the center. Then, form two ribbon loops on either side of the knot using your fingers, cross them, and make another knot. Finally, adjust the knotted ribbon, and finish its ends.

Begin making a bow with wired ribbon by choosing a ribbon of the appropriate color and width. The length of the wired ribbon cut depends on the intended application of the ribbon.

After cutting the ribbon, place it flat on a suitable surface, and cross its ends to form an X pattern, forming a wide loop at the center. Push one end of the ribbon into the loop, and pull both of the ribbon ends to create the first knot.

Now, hold the ribbon on both sides of the knot, and slip its two ends over the index fingers to form a loop. Cross the two loops to form an X pattern. Push one of the loops into the center, and pull it to create the second knot.

Adjust the loops of the bow as desired. Finish the bow by cutting an upside-down V pattern at its ends.