How Do You Make a Bow Out of Duct Tape?


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Make a duct tape bow by attaching two strips of duct tape together face to face. Form the strip into a ring and flatten it so that the place where the ends comes together is in the middle in front. Wrap a smaller strip of tape around the flattened circle where the ends meet to hold it all together and form a bow shape.

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  1. Attach two strips of duct tape with the sticky sides together

    For a bow the right size for a hair decoration, choose two 4-by-2-inch pieces. Choose larger strips for larger bows to use as bow ties or to decorate packages. Using different colored pieces provides a nice contrast. Press the pieces together smoothly to create a sturdier piece with no sticky sides showing.

  2. Bring the ends together to form a ring and flatten

    Bring the ends of the duct tape stripe together to make a ring shape. Flatten the ring shape on your work surface so that the two ends meet in the middle front. The tape now looks like a bow without the scrunched part in the middle.

  3. Fasten the bow with a small strip of duct tape

    Cut a small strip of duct tape, and wrap it around the center of the flattened ring, covering the ends where they meet. The strip forms the scrunched center part of the bow while holding the bow together.

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