How Do You Make a Bottle Tree?

How Do You Make a Bottle Tree?

To make a bottle tree, simply secure empty bottles at an angle on the branches of a tree, either real or artificial. Some bottle trees are made from sturdy material such as welded rebar or large dowels with nails to hold the bottles.

The history of bottle trees goes back to at least the 9th century. It was a common belief that the bottles captured evil spirits during the night and were evaporated in the morning light. The steps to making a bottle tree are straightforward.

Step 1: Choose a tree

Bottle trees can be real, living trees. Due to the potential for damage, however, sturdy dead trees or artificial stands are often used. Bottle trees make a unique focal point for a garden.

Step 2: Choose the bottles

There is no hard and fast rule about the bottles used for a bottle tree. Blue is a popular color, as it is associated with good luck in warding off evil spirits. Other colors can be used, and different shapes and sizes lend a look of whimsy to the tree.

Step 3: Place the bottles on the tree

Wash the bottles well and let them dry. Place them on the tree by inserting the branch of the tree into the neck of the bottle. Hang them at an angle, so any accumulated moisture can drain out.