How Do You Make Bottle Cap Necklaces?

How Do You Make Bottle Cap Necklaces?

To make a bottle cap necklace, pierce the caps, glue images to their undersides, fill the caps with resin, attach jump rings, and string the caps on a cord. You need a nail, a hammer, a craft punch, images, glue, resin, jump rings, pliers, a clasp and a cord.

  1. Pierce the caps

    Use a hammer and nail to create a hole near the edge of each bottle cap rim.

  2. Insert the images

    Use a circular craft punch to cut out images of the same size as the tops of the bottle caps. Coat the back of each image with glue, and press the images inside the caps. Let the glue dry for several minutes.

  3. Fill the caps with resin

    Cover the images with a thick coat of clear resin. Don't let the resin clog the holes in the cap rims. Dry the resin according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  4. Insert jump rings

    Open jump rings with jewelry pliers. Pass one end of a jump ring through each cap, and squeeze the rings shut.

  5. Add a cord

    Thread a necklace cord through the jump rings. Attach a jump ring to one end of the cord and a jewelry clasp to the other end.