How Do You Make Bottle Cap Images?

How Do You Make Bottle Cap Images?

To make a bottle cap image, make a stencil of a bottle cap, use the stencil to cut out an image, glue the image inside the cap, add clear casting resin, and attach a magnet to the cap. You need a bottle cap, tracing paper, a pencil, scissors, an image, glue, resin, a magnet, sandpaper, a spoon and a bowl.

  1. Make a stencil

    Lay a bottle cap on a flat surface with the inside facing up. Press a small sheet of tracing paper into the cap. Trace the perimeter of the cap, and cut out the stencil.

  2. Cut out the image

    Lay the tracing paper onto your chosen image, and cut out the image using the stencil.

  3. Glue the image to the bottle cap

    Apply glue to the inside of the bottle cap and the back of the image. Press the glued surfaces together.

  4. Mix and apply resin

    Mix a small amount of clear casting resin, and pour it into the bottle cap. Give the resin two days to dry.

  5. Mount the magnet

    Sand the back of the bottle cap until the surface is slightly rough. Set the cap on your work surface with the back facing up, and apply a thin layer of glue. Press a small circular magnet onto the glue, and let the glue harden for several hours.