How Do You Make Borax Snowflakes?


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You need a wooden craft stick, wire, pipe cleaner, 9 tablespoons of borax, hot water, food coloring and a coffee filter to make a borax snowflake. Start by forming the pipe cleaner into a snowflake shape. Then, add the ornament hanger. Mix the borax solution, and dip the snowflake in the solution. Cover it with a coffee filter, and let it set. The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

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  1. Form the snowflake shape

    Cut a 12-inch pipe cleaner into three pieces so that each piece is about 4 inches long. Twist the pipe cleaners together to make a snowflake shape with six points.

  2. Trim the pipe cleaner

    Cut 5 of the pipe cleaner points down to 1 1/2 inches. Make a loop at the end of the remaining long point.

  3. Make the hanger

    Cut an 8-inch piece of wire, and put it through the loop at the end of the snowflake. Twist the wire around the loop. Wrap 6 inches of the wire around a wooden craft stick.

  4. Make the borax mixture

    In a 1-quart container, mix 9 tablespoons of borax and 3 cups of hot water until dissolved. Add any desired color by putting up to 20 drops of food coloring into the solution.

  5. Dip the snowflake in the borax mixture

    Dip the snowflake into the borax mixture until it is completely covered. The snowflake should not touch the bottom or the sides of the container. If needed, adjust the length of the wire to completely cover the snowflake in the borax mixture. Rest the wooden craft stick over the top of the container.

  6. Cover the container

    Cover the container with a coffee filter, and let the snowflake set until it is dry.

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