How Do You Make a Bookmark?

How Do You Make a Bookmark?

Make a bookmark by laying adhesive ribbon on top of a piece of ribbon and topping it with a flower. This project takes only a few minutes. You need adhesive ribbon, regular ribbon, glue, card stock, scissors, adhesive flowers and a square hole punch.

  1. Cut the ribbon

    Cut the regular ribbon into bookmark lengths. The exact length depends largely on your preference. Get adhesive ribbon. Make sure the adhesive ribbon is narrower than the regular ribbon so that both ribbons are visible on the finished product. The adhesive ribbon should be the same length as the regular ribbon.

  2. Attach the adhesive ribbon

    Peel off the back of the adhesive ribbon so that the sticky underside is exposed. Lay the adhesive ribbon on top of the regular ribbon, and center it. Press down until the two ribbons adhere.

  3. Attach the card stock

    Using a square hole punch or a pair of scissors, cut out two small squares from the card stock. Place one square on top of the ribbon at the end of the bookmark and the other square on the same side underneath the ribbon. Glue the card stock to the ribbon.

  4. Attach the flower

    Place an adhesive flower on top of the card stock.