How Do You Make Bonnie and Clyde Costumes?


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When putting together a Bonnie and Clyde costume, refer to famous historic images of the pair that display a distinct 1930s style. The Bonnie costume should comprise a calf-length skirt, fitted sweater, beret and black or brown dress shoes. The Clyde costume should consist of a three-piece-suit, fedora hat and patterned tie.

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Bonnie should carry a cigar as part of her costume, and both Bonnie and Clyde should carry machine guns or toy pistols that resemble a Colt 45. Bonnie's costume should use darker colors, such as a dark-colored skirt and sweater, and Clyde should wear a brown tweed or pinstripe suit jacket with matching pants. Use a wide-brimmed gray fedora hat or newsboy cap in white or brown. Use red fabric paint to create fake blood if desired.

Clyde should wear a white button-down shirt, and Bonnie, a long-sleeved V-neck sweater if possible. If a hat cannot be sourced for Clyde, grease back the hair, and create a middle parting with hair gel. Pull or grease back Bonnie's hair under the beret, which should be tilted slightly over one ear revealing a small section of hair. The beret should preferably be black or peach for a more authentic look.

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