How Do You Make Bokeh Shapes?

How Do You Make Bokeh Shapes?

You need card stock, a cutting blade, a pencil and a rubber band to make a bokeh shape. Trace your camera lens onto the card stock, and draw your shape in the middle. Draw a large circle and the small circle. Cut out the shape, and cut around the large circle. Then, simply secure card stock over your camera lens. Once you adjust your camera settings, start snappinging photos. In its entirety, the process takes approximately 15 minutes.

  1. Draw your bokeh shape

    Place your camera lens on a piece of card stock, and trace around it using a pencil. Draw your desired shape in the middle of the circle. The shape should not exceed the size of a penny.

  2. Fasten card stock over your lens

    Draw a large circle around the first circle. This is where the card stock fits over the camera lens. Use a cutting blade to cut out your shape, and cut around the large circle. Fasten the card stock around your lens, and secure it with a rubber band.

  3. Arrange your background

    Use a large piece of a dark material as your backdrop. Hang fairy lights over the backdrop with the lights spread out well. Set a small table or stand in front of the backdrop for your foreground object to rest on.

  4. Adjust your camera settings

    Set your camera settings to manual mode, the quality setting to raw, the ISO to 100 and the lens setting to Autofocus. Focus on the foreground object to get the desired bokeh shape in your photos.