How Do You Make a Boat Schematic in Minecraft?


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To make a boat schematic in "Minecraft," plan a design first, keeping in mind the desired size and shape. To help with this task, look for examples and photographs of boat designs, whether from "Minecraft" or from real life. Divide the ship into four general parts: the bow, the stern, the hull, and the added details such as masts. Focusing on one section at a time prevents becoming overwhelmed by a large project.

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Starting from the lowest point of the ship, begin to increase the height by only about 1 block for every 3 to 5 blocks. Once the blocks have reached the ideal height by about halfway, increase the proximity of the blocks, using approximately 1 block for every 1 or 2 blocks until the desired height is reached. Next, work outward from the point of the ship to create the perfect width. Increase the width more until you've reached the ideal frame, then repeat this process on the other side to create symmetry. From here, organize the blocks at varying intervals until you've filled in the bow.

To create the stern, begin with an anchor-shaped set of blocks reaching the height of the bow. Connect the bottom of the ship with the edge of the anchor shape, and begin building upward and outward to create the shape of the ship. Use small increments of blocks, about 1 or 2 blocks horizontally and vertically, to make the design look more streamlined and naturally shaped. Build up these blocks until they've reached the deck's height.

Create the hull by extending a line of blocks from the base of the bow to the stern. Work your way upward to create a curve-like shape, then stack five blocks in a row on either side to connect the bow and stern. Now you can add details such as masts and fences.

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