How Do You Make a Blue's Clues Costume?

Make an easy Blue's Clues costume by gluing blue felt to a blue sweat suit and fashioning ears out of socks and pipe cleaners. The costume takes under 1 hour to put together. You need a light-blue sweatsuit, light-blue socks, a light-blue cap, light-blue and royal-blue felt, pipe cleaners, fabric glue, and a needle and thread.

  1. Make the ears

    Draw floppy ear-shapes for a dog onto the light-blue felt, making sure that the shapes are identical to each other. Cut them out. Glue the pipe cleaners around the edges of the ears to make them flexible. Attach the other ear shape to the other side of the pipe cleaner so that the pipe cleaner is hidden.

  2. Attach the ears to the cap

    Using the needle and thread, sew the ears on either side of the light blue cap.

  3. Make the spots

    Draw varying sizes of circles and ovals onto royal-blue felt for the spots. Cut out the spots.

  4. Attach the spots

    Glue the spots to the light-blue sweatsuit, ears and cap.

  5. Make the tail

    Take one of the socks, and cut off the cuff. Use the needle and thread to gather one side of the sock to create a curved tail. Sew the cut end of the sock to the back of the sweatpants.