How Do You Make a Blanket Fort?


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Although you can make a blanket fort in many ways, one easy method involves positioning chairs and sofas in a corner, then draping and tying large blankets over the furniture. Use safety pins and pillows to hold down the blankets.

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  1. Position the furniture

    Place two or three dining table chairs in an open corner. Make sure the seats are facing away from the wall. Pull a sofa or loveseat, if there are any nearby, close to the chairs.

  2. Drape the blankets over the chairs

    Lay one large blanket over the chairs, pulling the corners taut so the blanket covers the space between the walls and the backs of the chairs. If you have a sofa pulled up, drape one end of the blanket over the arm of the sofa. Drape more blankets over the chairs to ensure the corner is completely covered.

  3. Tie the blankets down

    Tie the blankets to the backs of the chairs. Use safety pins so the knots do not come undone.

  4. Use pillows to hold the blankets down

    Attach the ends of the blankets that touch the floor to pillows using safety pins. Lay the pillows on the floor. Not only do they keep the blankets down, they also provide kids with a soft place to relax.

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