How Do You Make a Bird Mask?

How Do You Make a Bird Mask?

To make a bird mask, paint an existing papier-mache mask with a bird-like color, then cut a beak shape out of thick florist crepe paper. Cut some feathers and several additional lengths out of fringed crepe paper, then attach the beak and feathers to the mask and add ribbons. Making a bird mask takes about one hour and requires a papier-mache mask, craft paint, a paint brush, scissors, crepe paper, ribbon and a glue stick.

  1. Paint the mask

    Remove the elastic band on the mask. Paint the entire mask in one color, and set it aside to dry while you prepare the feathers.

  2. Cut the shapes

    Gather at least two different colors of crepe paper. Cut a triangular beak shape out of thick yellow florist crepe paper or yellow tissue paper. Cut several lengths of traditional crepe paper, about 15 inches long. Cut fringe along the entire length of the crepe paper. Cut several more feather shapes out of crepe, about 3 inches long.

  3. Attach the feathers

    Glue the beak to the mask first, using a glue stick. Glue the fringed crepe paper above and between the eyes. Layer the fringed crepe paper for a lot of texture on the mask. Glue the feathers in the space between the beak and the bottom of the eyes.

  4. Add the ribbons

    Tie two lengths of ribbon to the mask to replace the elastic band.