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Make a bird (an owl) from muffin or cupcake liners by folding two large liners for the wings and body and small liners for the eyes. This craft requires several large cupcake liners, two mini muffin liners, paper, a marker and glue.

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Purchase cupcake liners in both large and mini sizes, making sure to have several different colors. Take three large liners and fold them in half. Cut out the middles so that only the ruffled edges remain. Cut the now-holey liners in half so that you have two long strips. Cut one strip in two smaller pieces for the feet. Use one of the discarded middles to cut out a beak shape.

Glue the two feet to the bottom of the piece of paper with a small gap between each piece. Just above the feet and slightly overlapping them, glue one of the full strips. Above this strip and slightly overlapping it, glue another liner strip. Continue until you have four slightly overlapping liner strips and the feet. This is the body.

For the wings, cut a large cupcake liner in half. Glue a half on each side of the body with the ruffled edge facing in and overlapping the body. At the top of the highest liner strip on the body, glue the beak with the point facing down. On either side of the beak and just above the wings, glue the bottoms of the mini liners to the paper with the ruffled edges sticking out. Use the marker to make a dot in the center of the mini liners for the eyes.

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