How Do You Make a Bingo Game Template?


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To make bingo game templates, use an online card generator, design them on the computer, or draw them by hand. A five by five grid is the traditional format on a bingo card. To make the cards more durable, print them out on card stock, or laminate them.

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The easiest way to create a bingo card is to use an online bingo card generator such as BingoBaker.com or Osric.com. Bingo Baker lets you customize the words on the cards, as well as adjust the number of squares in the grid. Osric.com's card generator allows modifications to variables such as the card size, grid amount and word list. Use either of the websites to generate the card, and then print it out using a computer printer.

Alternatively, create bingo cards on a computer with a program that generates tables, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or Open Office. Create a table with the chosen number of squares, add a title to the card, and type the desired information into each square. Manually change the information on each card so that no two are alike.

A third option is to create bingo cards by hand. Use a ruler and pencil to first mark a grid on a piece of card stock, and then trace over the lines with a marker or pen. Add a title to the top of the card, and write a word in each square. Consider adding decorations or images to the cards.

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