How Do You Make Big Hair Bows?

How Do You Make Big Hair Bows?

To make a big hair bow, cut a large, long rectangle of fabric. Fold both ends of the fabric in so they meet in the center and sew into place. Wrap a smaller rectangle of fabric horizontally around the middle to form the bow shape, and sew into place. Glue the bow onto a hair clip.

  1. Cut the fabric

    Determine the preferred width and height for your bow. Add 1 inch to each measurement to allow for the sewing process. Multiply the width by two to get the rectangle width. On a piece of fabric, draw a rectangle with the long side equal to the rectangle width and the height equal to the bow height. Cut the rectangle out. Then, cut a second rectangle that measures 2 inches by 3 inches.

  2. Hem the fabric

    Hem the long sides of the large rectangle, folding each one in by an inch. Iron the folds to get crisper edges. On the small rectangle, fold the edges in by 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch, depending on how wide you want your center strip to be. Hem the edges in place.

  3. Create the bow

    With the right side of the large rectangle facing up, fold each short side in to meet in the center. Sew the two edges together using a 1/2-inch seam. Flip the bow inside out so the right side of the fabric faces out. Wrap the narrow rectangle around the center to form the bow shape, and sew the edges together. Glue the bow to a hair clip.