How Do You Make a Beer Box Hat?

How Do You Make a Beer Box Hat?

Making a beer box hat involves cutting out the top, sides and brim from three separate beer boxes and securing each in place. The brim can be left flat to make a top hat, or the edges can be rolled inward to make a cowboy hat.

  1. Cut out the top of the hat

    Cut a circle from one of the flattened beer boxes that is about the size of your head. This forms the top of the hat.

  2. Cut out the sides of the hat

    Cut a strip from the second box that is longer than the diameter of the circle by about an inch. This strip forms the sides of the hat, so the wider you make the strip, the higher the hat is. Use the extra inch to secure the two ends of the strip with a stapler to form the circular shape of the sides of the hat.

  3. Attach the top of the hat to the sides

    Cut slits all along the top and bottom of the circular shape about 1 inch long and 1 inch apart to form tabs to which you can attach the top and brim of the hat. Fold all of the tabs on the top inwards, and secure the top of the hat to the tabs using a stapler.

  4. Cut out the brim of the hat

    Lay the hat upside down on the third beer box, and trace around it. Trace another circle around that one about 2 inches wider, and cut out both circles so that you are left with a ring that forms the brim of the hat.

  5. Attach the brim to the rest of the hat

    Fold the tabs on the bottom of the hat outwards, and slide the brim over the top of the hat and down the sides so that it rests on the tabs. Secure the brim to the tabs with a stapler.