How Do You Make a Beer Box Cowboy Hat?

How Do You Make a Beer Box Cowboy Hat?

To make a beer box cowboy hat, you need at least three empty beer boxes, a large flat working surface, a pen or pencil with an eraser, scissors, tape and a stapler. To measure the circumference of your head, use a tape measure, or wrap a piece of string around your head and measure it.

Start by unfolding the beer boxes laying them flat against your work surface. To make the crown of the cowboy hat, draw and cut out an oval from one beer box that’s the same circumference as your head.

Cut a strip 8 inches wide out of the second beer box. Roll this strip into a tube, overlapping the ends by about an inch. Staple the strip together in the overlap. To use the staples as decorations, staple so that the long side on the staple is on the same side as the design of the box. To conceal the staples, let the bent prongs show on the outside of the hat. Cut 1-inch slits in the top and bottom edges of the tube. Fold the top slits inward, and then tape down the oval you cut out to finish the crown of the hat.

To make the cowboy hat’s brim, place the crown of the hat on the third flattened box, and trace around the bottom. Draw another circle around the crown that’s at least 6 inches wider. To finish the brim, cut out the smaller circle and around the edge of the larger one.

To finish the hat, place the crown over the opening in the brim, and then fold the slits in the bottom inward. Staple the pieces together, and curl the edges of the brim.