How Do You Make a Bed in "Minecraft"?

How Do You Make a Bed in "Minecraft"?

Construct a bed in Minecraft with three pieces of wool and three wooden planks using a crafting table. A bed is an essential piece of furniture that serves as a reappearance point after your character dies in the game.

  1. Gather resources

    Obtain wood and wool for raw materials. Wood becomes wooden planks after placing cubic pieces of chopped trees in a crafting table. Kill sheep to get wool. Trees and sheep are found in the wild in certain biomes of Minecraft.

  2. Place wool and wooden planks in a crafting table

    Fill an entire row of a crafting table with wool. Then, fill the row directly below the wool with wooden planks. Use any variety of trees and any colored wool to construct a bed.

  3. Place the item

    Put the bed anywhere you want as long as there are at least two blocks of space away from the direction you face. A bed takes up two blocks. You cannot put a bed on snow, ice, glowstone, glass, carpet or leaves.

  4. Sleep at night

    Right-click on beds to sleep at night to avoid fighting nocturnal mobs. If creatures are nearby, a message appears letting you know it is too dangerous to sleep. You re-spawn at the last place you slept before dying in the game.