How Do You Make Beaded Necklaces for Men?


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Easily make a stylish beaded necklace for the man in your life in only a few minutes. You need beads, a cord and clasps.

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  1. Make a plan

    Make a plan, and choose a style of necklace that a man might wear. As a general rule, necklaces for men should be made of neutral colors and have a natural, well-worn look. It needs to complement, not stand out.

  2. Get a cord and clasps

    Get a cord for the necklace. A hemp cord, leather cord or sued cord all work well. Make sure to purchase metal clasps that attach to the ends of the cord. The two basic clasps to choose from are clasps that with metal flaps or clasps with coils.

  3. String the beads

    Choose beads for the necklace carefully. Hand-carved stone beads, stone donuts or glass beads are good choices as long as they have strong, masculine lines. String the beads onto the cord. Don't add too many beads. Stick with a single-element.

  4. Attach the clasp

    Attach the claps onto the cord. Thread the cord up the metal sleeves and through the rounded metal flaps of the clasps. If you choose the coiled clasps, crimp the bottom of the clasps to the cord.

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