How Do You Make Beaded Handbags?

make-beaded-handbags Credit: EvelynGiggles/CC-BY-2.0

To make a beaded handbag, cut out fabric pieces that match the shape of your bag. Stretch the pieces in an embroidery hoop, and sew on individual beads. Attach the fabric to the exterior of the bag.

  1. Choose and cut the fabric

    Find a small, plain purse, and trace the exterior shape of the purse on a piece of paper. Choose fabric that matches the exterior of the purse for a seamless look. For a bold contrast, select fabric in a different color or pattern.

  2. Interface the fabric

    Cut a section of iron-on interfacing to match the shape and size of the fabric. Flip the fabric over so that the wrong side faces up. Lay the interfacing on top with the adhesive side facing down. Iron it into place using the directions on the package.

  3. Mark the beading pattern

    Use a washable fabric marker to draw your beading pattern on the right side of the fabric. On plain fabric, mark a geometric or flowing design. On patterned fabric, follow the general shape of the print.

  4. Sew on the beads

    Thread a thin needle with beading thread, and tie a knot in the end. Push the needle up through the fabric on one of your marker lines, and slip a bead over the needle. Push the needle back down through the fabric next to your original stitch. Repeat the process with different colors and shapes of beads until your entire design is complete.

  5. Sew the fabric to the purse

    Fold the edges of your fabric under approximately 1 centimeter to create a clean edge. Iron the fabric to secure the fold. Lay the fabric against your purse. Use a sewing machine to top stitch the fabric to the purse about one-fourth of an inch from the edge.