How Do You Make a Battery-Powered Toy Car?

Making a battery-powered toy car is a fun project that can be customized for a variety of age groups to teach scientific principles. This moderately complex project involves creating a base for the vehicle, attaching a battery-operated motor, and connecting wheels to allow for movement. This project can use simple materials, many of which are found around the home, or a pre-made kit.

Materials to make a battery-operated car include:

    Corrugated cardboard or hard plastic for a vehicle frameOne AA battery22-gauge electrical wireSmall battery-operated motorSmall wheelsPoster puttyElectrical tapeThin wooden dowelsRubber bands

Step 1: Create the base of the vehicle

Cut the cardboard or plastic to a square with sides of 5 1/2 inches. Use the electrical tape to attach the dowels to the bottom of the square to create axles. Cut the dowels so they have only enough overhang to allow attachment of the wheels. Add the wheels and ensure they are positioned evenly.

Step 2: Add the motor

Build the motor using the AA battery and electrical wire. Attach the motor to the center of the base using the putty. Use the rubber bands to attach the motor shaft to the axles so the wheels will move when the engine is engaged.

Step 3: Add a vehicle body

If desired, use additional cardboard to fashion a vehicle body that fits over the base and motor to give the look of a complete vehicle.