How Do You Make a Batman Utility Belt?


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Make a Batman utility belt by using two rolls of yellow colored duct tape, adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners and a pair of scissors. The first step is to measure out two lines of tape. Next, overlay the tape and add layers. Create container pieces, and arrange them on the belt. Finally add hook-and-loop fasteners in the proper places, and put on the belt.

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  1. Measure two pieces of tape

    First, measure the size of your midsection slightly above the waist. Next, lay out two strips of tape a little longer than your waist size. Arrange them so they are slightly overlapped. Add two more layers of tape until the sticky side is completely covered.

  2. Create the container pieces

    Use the same overlay technique to make smaller squares for the containers. Each container requires two pieces the same size for the front and back, two thin pieces for the sides and two pieces for the bottom and top. Next, trim the containers down to the desired sizes. Tape the appropriate pieces together,and add a strip to the lids.

  3. Add hook-and-loop fastener to the belt

    Arrange the container pieces along the long strip of tape. Carefully remove the backing of the adhesive, and place the hook-and-look fasteners in the areas designated for the container pieces, as well as on the backs of the pieces. Next add hook-and-loop fasteners to the lids of each container. Wrap the belt around your waist, and place the final hook-and-loop fasteners where the ends meet.

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