How Do You Make a Balloon Flower?

One way to make a balloon flower is to twist two inflated balloons to make eight flower petals and make the flower leaves with a separate balloon. You need rubber bands and three balloons of different colors to complete this task.

  1. Make the loops

    Inflate one balloon so it's partially full, and secure the air with a rubber band. Using another rubber band, tie the two ends of the inflated balloon together in a knot to create a loop. Bring the knot in the center of the balloon, and twist the balloon to make two equal loops. Pull the two loops together with the knot in the center. Holding the knot, twist the two loops further to create four equal loops. Repeat this procedure with another balloon to come up with two balloons with four loops each.

  2. Create the petals

    Twist the loops of two balloons together to create eight flower petals with alternating colors.

  3. Create the flower center

    Inflate the third balloon, hold it about one-third of the way down, and create a small loop. Twist the loop to the long stem, and repeat to the other side of the balloon. You should have two small loops on either side of a long stem forming leaves. Make a bubble 4 inches from the top by squeezing and twisting a section. Insert the bubble top into the petals to create the center of the flower. Finally, arrange the petals and leaves.