How Do You Make Baby Shower Wish Cards?

How Do You Make Baby Shower Wish Cards?

Make baby shower wish cards by typing up the wishes and printing them off on thick card stock for baby shower guests to fill out. This takes about 30 minutes. You need a computer, a printer, card stock and scissors.

  1. Address the baby directly

    Either make your own wish template or download one from the Internet. If you are making your own, start the card by addressing the baby as "Dear Baby" or something similar. Experiment with different fonts until you find one you like.

  2. List the wishes

    Below the address, list the wishes, which are things that the participants hope or wish the baby will learn and experience. Wishes include "I hope you love," "I hope you laugh," "I hope you never forget," "I hope you learn" and "I hope you aren't afraid." After the "I hope" statement, leave a space where the participants can finish the sentences. For instance, "I hope you aren't afraid of monsters under the bed."

  3. Add embellishments

    Add embellishments or clip art to the card. To make it simple, merely place a decorative border around it.

  4. Print out the card

    Print out the card on heavy paper or card stock in order to preserve the wishes.

  5. Fill out the wish cards

    Pass the wish cards around to the baby shower guests to fill out.