How Do You Make Baby Blankets?

How Do You Make Baby Blankets?

To make a baby blanket, cut the fleece to size, cut out the appliqués, sew on the appliqués, form the blanket and add a flange edge. Making this blanket takes about one hour and requires micro-fleece, straight pins, a pen, scissors, shape templates and a sewing machine.

  1. Prepare the material

    Cut two pieces of micro-fleece to the size you wish to make the blanket. Trace the templates in simple shapes such as hearts, stars or ducks onto micro-fleece in a coordinating color. Cut out the shapes.

  2. Attach the appliqués

    Place the shapes where you want the added details on one of the pieces of fleece. Pin the appliqués in place. Sew the appliqués onto the fleece, outlining the shape with an over-lock stitch.

  3. Sew the blanket together

    Place the two pieces of fleece together, with the right sides of fabric touching. Pin the perimeter of the blanket, and sew the blanket together using an over-lock stitch. Be sure to leave a few inches on one side to turn the blanket right side out. After turning out the blanket, push out the corners. Close the blanket with a slip stitch.

  4. Finish with the edge

    Pin the perimeter of the sewed blanket, and add a flange edge by sewing a border 2 inches inside the edge.