How Do You Make an Apron?


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Make an apron by cutting fabric to the right shape, hemming the edges and adding cotton for the neck loop and ties. You need fabric, cotton tape, scissors, a pencil, a sewing machine and pins.

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  1. Prepare the fabric

    Take a large piece of fabric, and fold it in half lengthwise. The fabric needs to be long enough to cover you from chest to knee. Use a heavy fabric to better protect your clothes while cooking.

  2. Mark the fabric

    On the top, short side of the fabric, mark 7 inches in from the fold. Mark 10 inches up from the bottom along the open side of the folded fabric. Draw an arching line that connects from the top mark to the bottom one.

  3. Cut the fabric

    Cut along the curving line, and open up the folded material. It should be in the shape of an apron.

  4. Hem the apron

    Fold 3/4-inch of fabric on the edges of the apron under and pin it in place. Repeat this with the rest of the raw fabric. Hem the edges.

  5. Attach the cotton tape

    Cut one 25-inch and two 31-inch pieces of cotton tape. Sew one side of the 25-inch piece to the top right side of the apron bib and the other to the top left side of the apron bib. Sew one 31-inch piece to the right side of the apron skirt and the other piece to the left side of the apron skirt.

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