How Do You Make an Apple Pinata?

How Do You Make an Apple Pinata?

To make an apple pinata, cover a large balloon with paper mache, and once it is dry, decorate it with red crepe paper. Top off the apple pinata with a stem and leaf made from construction paper.

  1. Make the pinata base

    Cut strips of newspaper, and mix a paste of 1-part flour to 2-parts water. Blow up a large balloon. Dip the strips of paper into the paste, and use your fingers to wring out the excess paste. Cover the balloon in all directions with strips of paper, but leave a small hole at the tied end of the balloon. Let the paper mache dry, and add another layer or two, allowing each one to dry first. Once the last layer is dry, pop the balloon, and pull it out through the hole.

  2. Decorate the pinata

    Cut strips of red crepe paper. Wrap the strips around the pinata, gluing them at the top. Continue gluing strips of crepe paper until the pinata is entirely covered. Cut the edge of the crepe paper into a fringe. To complete the apple, cut out a leaf and stem from green and brown construction paper, and glue them to the top.

  3. Fill and hang the pinata

    Through the hole in the top, fill the pinata with treats. Poke four holes around the larger one, thread two strings through them, and tie the strands at the top. Cover the holes with more red crepe paper. To hang the pinata, attach a longer piece of string to others.