How Do You Make an Animal Out of Yarn?

How Do You Make an Animal Out of Yarn?

A pom-pom chick is one animal that can be made from yarn. Making a chick requires four pop-pom templates, a needle, scissors, yellow yarn, yellow and black thread, orange felt, a penny, craft glue and a broken egg shell. The project takes roughly one hour, and involves using the templates to make the appropriate pom-poms, then sewing these together with yarn before adding the details to complete the chick.

  1. Wrap the templates

    Put the two pom-pom templates together. Wrap the yarn tightly around the two templates until they are sufficiently covered. Repeat the procedure with the other two templates.

  2. Join the templates

    Snap the two templates together so their feet interlock. Use the scissors to cut the yarn along the arch of the templates.

  3. Create the shape

    Slip the yellow thread between the arches to connect the two pom-pom halves. Pull the thread tight. Remove the templates, and squeeze the yarn to shape the pom-pom.

  4. Make the head

    Use less yarn to make a smaller pom-pom for the head.

  5. Connect the pom-poms

    Thread the needle with the yellow thread, finishing with a tailor's knot. Join the two pom-poms by working the needle through the center of each. Pull the thread tight, and finish with a double knot.

  6. Add the eyes

    Thread the needle with the black thread, finishing with a big knot. Work the needle through the smaller pom-pom, and tie with a double knot, hiding the second knot inside the pom-pom. Repeat the procedure for the second eye.

  7. Glue the beak

    Cut two small triangles out of the orange felt. Use the craft glue to glue the triangles below the eyes.

  8. Complete the chick

    Glue the penny in the bottom of the egg shell. Add a dab of glue to the top of the penny, and place the bottom of the chick inside the egg shell.