How Do You Make Angels in Arts and Crafts?


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Some of the ways to make angels in arts and crafts projects include cutting and coloring paper plates to form angels, drawing them on different kinds of paper or cutting angel patterns into folded paper. Other craft ideas include knitting or crocheting angels as well as sewing fabric onto dolls.

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How Do You Make Angels in Arts and Crafts?
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Many angel arts and crafts projects incorporate different household items as materials, such as cutting a paper plate to create an angelic gown and wings, then gluing pipe cleaners to form hair. Many projects also involve drawing, such as using crayons or marker to draw on blank paper or construction paper. It is also possible to draw with different mediums, such as pastels, charcoal, colored pencils or paint. Another paper craft idea for angels involves folding a piece of paper several times in an accordion fashion, then cutting out an angel design. This creates a series of angels holding hands, connected across the length of the paper.

It is also possible to make angels by modifying dolls or stuffed animals. For example, crafters can turn a small bear doll into an angel by covering its body in white fabric to make a gown. Crafters then trace a wing pattern onto yellow construction paper or stiff felt, then cut it out and sew it to the back of the gown. Finally, crafters bend yellow or gold pipe cleaners to form a halo.

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