How Do I Make an Alien Costume?

How Do I Make an Alien Costume?

Aliens are a classic look for Halloween or other costume events because an alien can look like anything. Space alien costumes can be suitable for children and adults. Using a swimming cap as a base for antennae can create a classic alien look when supported by appropriate face makeup and a jumpsuit or top and pants in silver or black.

  1. Assemble the materials

    Most of the materials for an alien costume are easy to find, though a couple may warrant a trip to a costume shop. Required materials are a swimming cap, stuffing for the cap, spirit gum, cotton balls, eyelash adhesive, face paint, two straws, a paintbrush and makeup sponges.

  2. Prepare the cap

    Paint the cap whatever color the alien is going to be. Green is traditional for space aliens, but any color will do. Stuff the cap prior to placing it on the head.

  3. Put on the cap

    Pull back all of the hair so it fits under the cap completely. Place the cap onto the head, pulling the edge of the cap down well below the hairline. Use spirit gum to fasten the cap securely.

  4. Design the face

    Use the cotton to make puffy eyebrows that frame the eyes. Cover them in the chosen makeup color, and fasten them to the face using spirit gum. Use eyelash adhesive to create stippling to represent alien skin, and blow dry if necessary. Paint the rest of the face with makeup, creating unusual features on the nose and mouth.

  5. Add the straws

    Cut slits in the back of the cap just big enough to insert the straws, which are the alien antennae.

  6. Design the costume

    Put on a metallic jumpsuit. Alternatively, dress in all black. Add glitter to clothing to make it look space-worthy, and carry a space gun to enhance the alien effect.