How Do You Make Adult Cloth Diapers?


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Making homemade adult cloth diapers requires using a diaper pattern to trim layers of fabric to the right size, sewing the fabric to form the diaper and then lining it with elastic for a snug fit. Highly absorbent microfiber or fleece make the best fabrics for the interior layer of the diaper, providing a soft touch against the skin.

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Purchasing one package of disposable adult diapers that close with flaps provides the easiest pattern. Remove the elastic from one disposable diaper, flatten out the diaper, and iron it until wrinkle-free and flat. Pin together three layers of fabric for the new diaper, and place the pattern diaper on top. Trim the fabric along the pattern, and then sew the layers of fabric together, leaving a 1.5-inch border outside the seam. Line the border with elastic, and sew it into place.

Add hook-and-loop fasteners to the flaps and corresponding locations on the main portion of the diaper. Lastly, fold over any remaining rough edges to create smooth seams. Common fabrics used for cloth adult diapers include fleece and terrycloth, with waterproof fabrics for the exterior layer of the diaper. Diapers without any waterproof layers require the use of plastic shorts or pants to prevent leakage to outer clothes.

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