What Are the Main Rules of the Shut the Box Game?


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The main rules of Shut the Box are that players take turns rolling dice and covering as many numbered boxes as possible. A box with the numbers one through nine is used, and the number a player rolls is used to close the corresponding numbers on the box.

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The box used has the option to open or close each number between one through nine individually. If a box isn't available, a pen and paper can be used. Each player's turn begins with all the numbers open.

After rolling the dice, a player closes any number of boxes that equal the amount rolled. For example, if a player rolls a four and a three for a total of seven, he closes the seven box, the five and two boxes or any other combination that totals seven. If the boxes for seven, eight and nine are all closed, a player may choose to roll one or two dice. If any of those numbers are open, he has to roll two dice.

A player keeps rolling and closing boxes until he can't close boxes equal to the number he rolls. The open boxes are then added together, and the player receives that many points. After each player completes this process, the player with the lowest amount of points wins.

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