How Is "Mahjongg Dark Dimensions" Played?

How Is "Mahjongg Dark Dimensions" Played?

In "Mahjongg Dark Dimensions," the player matches tiles that have two or more sides open to remove those tiles. The objective is to remove all the tiles before time runs out. The game is available on as of 2015.

To find the game on, visitors to the homepage click on Mahjongg Games. On the Mahjongg Games page, they click "Mahjongg Dark Dimensions" and then the Play icon on the game's page. They select a level pack and a level and start the game.

To match tiles, the player clicks on two tiles with the same symbols. If the tiles match and each has two sides open, they disappear. The puzzle is three dimensional, and the player rotates it by pressing the left and right arrow keys or clicking the on-screen arrows.

The player scores points for each match. The game has speed match combos, multimatch combos and time bonuses. Speed match combos occur when the player makes matches within three seconds of each other. Multimatch combos occur when he matches tiles with the same symbols consecutively. The time bonus adds points to the player's score for finishing the puzzle with time remaining.

Once the timer reaches zero, the game ends. The game has time tiles that add to the player's remaining time. When the player completes a level, he moves on to the next level.