What Are Some Free Magic Tricks for Kids to Perform?


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Two free magic tricks for children to do are crayon ESP and the coin-appearing trick. The required items for the tricks are a box of crayons and a coin, both items that can be easily found in the house.

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In crayon ESP, the child starts with his back to the volunteer. The volunteer picks a crayon from the box and places it into the child's hands. The child then turns to face the volunteer, in the meantime scraping the wax of the crayon with his finger. Keeping the crayon behind his back, the child then brings his hand with the crayon wax underneath the nail out to glimpse it quickly without showing the volunteer. The child is then able to magically guess the color of the crayon behind his back.

To perform the magic coin-appearing trick, the child, wearing long sleeves, starts by holding his arm vertically, bent at the elbow with his palm facing outward at the level of his face. Before beginning the trick, the child has places a coin in his sleeve, so it is sitting at his elbow when the trick begins. For the trick, the child starts with displaying his empty palms. While making gestures and statements to indicate magic, the child drops his palm down, letting the coin fall into his hand. The child then quickly brings his hand up to show that the coin has suddenly appeared.

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