How Do You Do Magic Tricks With Cards?


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Most card tricks are either illusions or sleight of hand, so performing these tricks is often a case of learning how to fool the audience through misdirection or suggestion while memorizing the necessary steps and actions with the cards. There are thousands of cards tricks to learn, and they remain one of the most common, and popular forms of magic in both amateur and professional circles.

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Performing a basic card trick

Card tricks greatly vary in style and complexity, but even the simplest of tricks can get a great response from an audience. Changing a card from one to another in front of the spectator is a simple but effective trick any beginner can quickly learn.

  1. The card that will be replacing the original should be placed under the top card of the deck.
  2. Placing one hand on top of the deck (with the other holding the deck), the top card can be very slightly pushed up, which exposes a portion of the card that will be switched to the top, in preparation for the next step.
  3. Using the base of the wrist, the exposed card can now be pulled back, then pushed forward, where it should replace the top card. The audience should be none the wiser, having viewed the trick from above.
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