How Do You Do Magic for Kids at Home?


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One simple trick a parent can do at home for children is called Crayon ESP. In this trick, a child picks a crayon from a crayon box, and then his parent guesses the color of the crayon, as if mind-reading.

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In order to accomplish this trick, the parent starts with her hands behind her back, and asks her child to put a chosen crayon in her hands. The parent then turns to face the child, while scraping the crayon with a thumbnail. The parent waves her other hand, says magic words and sneaks a glimpse at the crayon wax under the nail. The parent then names the color of the crayon.

A more challenging magic trick is called Linking Paper Clips. The first step is to accordion-fold a dollar bill into thirds in the shape of an S. Then, the person doing the trick attaches one clip to the front of the bills from the top, with the shorter side facing out. The clip is to go over the outer layer of the folded bill and the middle layer. It should be clipped near the edge and not the fold of the bill. A second paper clip is then attached to the back of the bill form the top. The shorter side of the clip should be facing to the back. The clip is again to go over the outer layer of the folded bill, as well as the middle layer.

At this point, one end of the bill is taken by each hand. The magician gives the bill a quick snap, at which point the clips fly into the air. When they are picked up, they are attached.

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