What Are Some Magic Games for Kids?


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The Clicking Shoulder Magic Trick and Bending a Coin are some of the most popular magic games for kids. To teach both magic games, you need only a disposable plastic cup and a coin.

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The Clicking Shoulder Magic Trick involves placing a plastic cup under the child's arm. Tell the child to keep the cup in place by lightly squeezing it. The grip on the cup should not be so tight so that it does not make any noise. The child squeezes the plastic cup with the right bicep while simultaneously placing his left hand on either his neck or shoulder while making an awkward move. The crash from the plastic cup make snapping sounds that make it seem like the child has just cracked his neck.

Bending a Coin is an optical illusion that involves a child holding the coin with both hands. The thumbs are placed on the back of the coin while the first and the second fingers hold the front. For the illusion to work, it is important to conceal much of the coin's surface. When the child pushes her thumbs forward and pulls the first and second fingers to the edge of the coin, the coin's visible surface is increased. By moving both hands inward, the back of the child's hands move towards each other. When she moves her hands to the starting position, the coin looks as if it is bending.

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