What Are the Best Free Mad Libs for Adults?


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Some of the best free Mad Libs for adults include Word Blanks, Mad Takes and the Adult Mad Libs app. These three programs all offer the familiar Mad Libs word blank game, but with stories more suited for adults.

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Word Blanks offers a range of free Mad Libs for adults in a variety of categories, including art, politics, science, technology, crime, business, news and more. The site allows users to browse by category, and users can rate each Mad Lib after playing it. World Blanks also offers a specific “adult” section with more risqué stories. The site’s database allows users to see how many times each Mad Lib has been played, how long ago it was uploaded and how recently it was last played.

Mad Takes is another site offering a range of free adult Mad Libs. Although the site is not organized by category, users can browse through a selection of stories by title or length, and also view which ones were uploaded most recently. Especially notable is the site’s custom Mad Lib generator, which allows users to create their own Mad Libs for submission.

For Mad Libs on the Go, Penguin Publishing offers an Adult Mad Libs app for the iPhone or iPad. The app is free to download and comes preloaded with a selection of adult Mad Libs. Other stories are also available for purchase through the app itself.

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