What Are Some Free Macramé Projects for Kids?


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Free macramé project for kids include a flower pot, key ring, macramé flower bracelet and clothes hangers. To make a macramé flower pot decoration, gather a 6 1/2-inch terra cotta flower pot, 7 1/3 yards of five-ply natural jute cord, Goop glue and four 12-millimeter beads.

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Cut the jute cord into one 6-yard piece and one 1 1/3-yard piece. Attach one end of the short cord vertically to a macramé board or another work surface. Fold the long piece in half and slide it under the short piece near the top. Next, make a series of square knots with the long piece down the length of the short piece.

To make the square knot, fold the right side of the long piece over the short piece and behind the left side of the long piece, then fold the left side of the long piece under the short piece and up and over the loop formed by the loop of the right piece. Take the long piece on the right side, and thread it back behind the short piece and over the left piece. Take the left piece and thread it under the right piece, over the short piece and through the loop on the right side.

Repeat this series of square knots until it reaches the length of the diameter of the flower pot, about 22 inches. Glue the braid around the top of the pot, and tie the ends of the short and long cords together. Slide a bead onto each of the four ends, and knot them in place.

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