How Do You Machine Embroider Hats?


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To machine embroider hats, the artist should prepare a design in the machine's software program, secure the hat to the machine's stabilizer with sewing pins and guide the needle over the design, changing thread when necessary. For baseball caps and other "stiff" hats, it is sometimes necessary to use an embroidery hat hoop or to sew the material to the stabilizer until the project is finished.

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Many different types of hats can be embroidered, including baseball caps, cowboy hats, bowlers, sun hats and berets. Since hats often feature complicated shapes, a computerized embroidery machine makes it easier to create a smooth, accurate design.

Step One: Prepare the hat

The artist should prepare a design based on the dimensions of the hat. Since some machines only permit a certain height clearance, the design should reflect those limits. For example, the artist might create a 2-inch design for a sewing machine with a 2.5-inch clearance. The artist attaches the cap to the stabilizer or embroidery hoop, using a spray adhesive if necessary for thick material.

Step Two: Prepare the machine

Consistent thread tension is essential to machine embroider hats. The artist should lift the presser foot, then slide the hoop or stabilizer into the machine. Checking thread tension every time the artist switches bobbins will prevent messy lines and other problems.

Step Three: Embroider the hat

Slow stitching makes embroidering hats much easier and less prone to mistakes. It is also important for the artist to change needles regularly, especially when stitching near the bill of a baseball cap. When finished, the artist removes all pins and shapes the hat for maximum comfort.

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