From What Is Lurex Fabric Made?

Lurex fabric is made using metal fiber, manufactured mostly from silver and gold. The end fabric can be coated with either metal or plastic, but metal has to be present either as the outer covering or at the fabric's core.

Lurex fabric is unique in that it is made using metals such as silver and gold. Recently, stainless steel and aluminium, and aluminized materials, have also been widely incorporated in the production process.

Lurex fabric is produced in one of two ways, through laminating or by metallization. In laminating, acetate or polyester film is used to coat a layer of aluminium, silver or gold. Once coated, the metal is then cut to thin and narrow strips, which are then woven into ribbons. Both the metal and covering polyester or acetate films can be colored before laminating to add color to the final fabric.

However, metallization is considered a better process since it produces superior quality metallic fabric. In this process, the preferred metal is heated until it vaporizes, after which it is dispensed onto the polyester film at a very high pressure. Unlike the laminating method, metallization produces thinner strips of fabric that are more durable and comfortable, and of better quality.