What Is a Love Tester?


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A love tester is a game that is available online that rates the compatibility of two people by using simply their names or the success rate of a possible relationship between the two people. There are many love tester games online, which can be found on sites like AGame and Love-Tester.

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What Is a Love Tester?
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These are simple games that people play for fun. At the Love-tester site, the meaning of the different percent ranges are given. For example, if after entering both full names, the percent is given as 65 percent, this means that the match may be a good one according to this site. However, it is important to point out that this is a game, which cannot accurately predict the success of any real relationship.

However, there are online love tests that require more information besides just the full names, such as gender, zodiac sign, age and an additional questionnaire asking about the existing relationship. These tests use numerology and zodiac signs to give a more personalized and extensive comparability report. From the full name, a numerology calculation and chart can be generator, while the zodiac signs can give certain personality traits typically associated with each sign. However, the test is personalized because it asks a series of questions related to the type of relationship the two people already have before an analysis is generated. The website Love Test has this type of love calculator/analysis.

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