How Do You Lose Weight in "Fable 3"?


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Weight in "Fable 3" is determined by what the player chooses for his character to eat. Gains and losses happen over time based on how healthy the character is eating. Some weapons and armor can also be equipped to help speed up the process.

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  1. Eat vegetables

    Selecting vegetables for the character to eat will cause them to lose weight slowly. Apples, prickley pears, fruit juice, carrots and celery will reduce weight. The player can carry up to seven vegetables at one time, so he can avoid foods that cause weight gain throughout the game.

  2. Avoid foods that cause high weight gain

    Eating fish, Crunchy Chick, blueberry pie, mutton, meat pie or Dark Sanctum pie can cause weight gain. In addition, drinking beer, spirits or wine can also cause the character to gain weight quickly.

  3. Use the Slimquick

    Slimquick is a legendary sword that causes the player to lose weight with each swing. This weapon is a rare find in the shops. Occasionally, Slimquick armor will also be found.

  4. Check progress often

    None of the methods for losing weight are instant. Checking progress regularly as the player feeds the character weight-reducing food or using the Slimquick can help make sure he is still getting the benefits.

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