How Do You Do Loom Weaving?

How Do You Do Loom Weaving? has tutorials to make different crafts with the Made by Me weaving loom. These include a potholder, a pencil case and a potholder purse.

To make a potholder, gather a loom, crochet hook and craft loops. These are available as a set from Made by Me and other companies. Decide on a pattern first and lay out your loops by color. Begin by attaching a craft loop on one corner of the loom and stretching it across to the prong across from it. Repeat this all the way up the loom according to your desired pattern.

Turn the loom 90 degrees. Weave the crochet hook between the craft loops hook-side first in an over-then-under pattern. After weaving the hook all the way through, attach one end of a new craft loop to the hook. Pull your hook all the way through the previously attached loops, being sure to attach the free end of your new loop to the prong where you started. Now attach the hook end of your loop to the prong where you ended. Repeat this process until you have all new loops woven through the original layer.

To finish the potholder, create a crocheted edge all around it. Follow the photo prompts for the potholder on The process is much the same for the other craft projects on the website and each has easy-to-follow prompts to guide you.