How Do You Do a Long-Tail Cast-on in Knitting?


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According to a tutorial from Knitty.com, make a long-tail cast-on for knitting by first making a slip knot and leaving a very long tail. The cast-on stitches are created by wrapping the tail around the thumb and holding the working yarn using the forefinger, then maneuvering the needle between both.

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Place the yarn on the thumb and forefinger such that it creates a "v-shape," as depicted in the Knitty tutorial. Knittty further explains that the needle is then manipulated so that it first enters the loop around the thumb and then goes up and over to grab the yarn held by the forefinger. This creates the stitch, and the motion is then repeated to create the number of stitches you need. Videos available from sites such as KnittingHelp.com demonstrate the cast-on so that knitters who are unfamiliar with this technique can see it in action.

The Knitty tutorial notes that the amount of yarn needed for a long-tail cast-on is difficult to estimate. For projects that have need of a large amount of stitches, the site CocoKnits.com provides a tutorial that utilizes two separate tails of yarn to complete the cast-on, removing the guesswork involved in first creating a tail.

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