How Long Does It Take for Nectar to Age in "The Sims 3"?


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In the Sims 3, nectar begins aging once it has been created, bottled and placed in the nectar racks. If the nectar racks are located in the basement, the nectar ages faster, and its value increases by 10 percent per game day. Premium racks also increase the rate of aging.

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In addition to aging, nectar values are affected by the quality of the ingredients and the rarity of the fruit. There are four different levels of Nectar Making, each with its own abilities. Level 0 can create basic nectar. Level 4 can create higher-quality concentrated nectar. Level 7 can mass produce nectar vintages of a lower quality. Level 9 can create extended nectaration nectar, which takes slightly longer to make but has a 15 percent quality rating.

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