What Are Some of the Best Locations in Las Vegas for Slots?


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Some of the best slot machine locations in Las Vegas include The Orleans, Hard Rock, Palms and Silverton. All these locations have slot machines that provide the overall highest return on the money played, as of 2015. In general, locations that are away from tourist areas, such as the Vegas Strip, have slot machines with higher returns.

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Manufacturers program slot machines to distribute less money than they receive. Slot machines tend to be the most profitable games for casinos. To play, the gambler inserts money and either presses a button or pulls on a lever to spin the slots. If the slots stop spinning on a winning picture combination, the gambler wins. The amount won varies depending on the bet and the picture combination.

Every spin on a slot machine is completely random, so there is no way for a gambler to improve his odds on a machine. However, a gambler saves money by choosing machines with lower betting denominations, as these take less money on average, due to the lower betting amounts. Machines with lower jackpots are also a good choice, as the gambler is more likely to win a jackpot on these machines. Also, a portion of the money spent on a machine goes to its jackpot. On machines with larger jackpots, a larger portion of money goes to the jackpot.

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