What Are Some Lighthouse Building Projects for Children?


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A lighthouse made from clay pots and a lighthouse made out of a Pringles can are good lighthouse building projects for children. Making the clay pot lighthouse involves preparing different sizes of clay pots, using acrylic paints of varying colors, and sticking the pots together using permanent adhesive.

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What Are Some Lighthouse Building Projects for Children?
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After cleaning four clay pots using a wet cloth, paint the rims of three pots with white color and the bodies with red color, applying three coats and letting the paint dry before applying a new coat. Paint a window on each pot using black paint.

Paint the sides of the four saucers with blue paint. Stack the pots on top of each other, connecting them with permanent adhesive. Attach the base of the small pot to the top of the tower, and place the smallest pot on top. The last step is putting a glass votive holder in the saucer, inserting a flameless, battery-operated tea light, and covering the holder with the small cap.

Creating a Pringles can lighthouse requires an empty Pringles can with the lid, an LED flashlight, a water bottle, black electrical tape and white craft foam. The process involves cutting small circles out of the plastic lid, inserting the flashlight, taping the white foam sheet around the can using electrical tape, and fitting the cut edge of the bottle atop the flashlight lens.

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